Animal Moments

Heads Up for Mom's 87th Birthday

September 5, 2007

There arenít 87 painted turtles (Chrysemys picta) in these pictures, but we must have seen at least that many (or more!) overall during our visit to Metro Beach Park on Labor Day. They are a beautiful turtle, strikingly colored, and very common in our part of Michigan. They love the sun, and the Park naturalists see to it that they have plenty of places to bask as on the raft in the first picture. Itís amusing to watch one turtle climbing onto another oneís back to get a good sunny perch. Once in a while as we watched, I saw one of the bigger painteds backing off the edge of the plank to cool his rear feet in the water. Ah! What a life! Hot sunshine and cool water.

Happy birthday, Mom! May you bask in the love of your family for many more years.