Animal Moments

1. I went into the changing area of the clothing store to try on a shirt. Another customer, her friend, and a saleswoman were already there. I complimented the customer on the coat she was wearing, asking if she was just trying it on. No, this was her own coat, she told me. I then noticed the fur trim and asked, “This isn’t real fur is it?” She said, “Oh no.” I said, “Good!” and went into my changing room. While I was trying on the shirt, I overhead as follows: Customer: “I actually do have SIX real fur coats. My mother left them to me.” Saleswoman: “What are you doing with them? Where are they?” Customer: “I may try to sell them. Right now they’re in storage while I decide what to do. One is a Russian sable. My mother paid $100,000 for it and wore it once.” Saleswoman: “Oh my.” Customer: “But I might want to give that one to my daughter...” (Further talk about the difficulty of selling furs these days.) Then the Customer’s friend says, “Or you can find somebody to cut up the furs to trim your own wardrobe.”